Saskya Fun Sang

No. 3 de la serie My Flaws are Otherworldly (and I want you to look at them) | Gres, lustre the oro | 48 cm x 104 cm | 2017 – 2018


No.1 de la serie My Flaws are Otherworldly (and I want you to look at them) | Gres, lustre the oro | 25,4 cm x  42 cm x 25,4 cm | 2017 – 2018


P.188 de la serie ULTIMA RATIO | And I will also confess that despite everything, at this point I still had hopes of salvaging out relationship | Fotografía low-res/artist book | 2018


Descarga repentina de la tensión sexual acumulada (detalle) | Lana, proceso de fieltro de aguja| Dimensiones variables | 2017


Membranas Sagradas / Himen Cribiforme: Mucho hueco, no se conforme / Himen Septado: Te toca hacerte a un lado / Himen Microperforado: Aprovecha lo apretado / Himen Complaciente: Virgen por siempre | Hombreras, hilo metalico | 2017



Saskya Fun Sang (Guayaquil, 1991). Artista visual interdisciplinaria.
Women, bodies, gender, sex, sexuality, orgasm, boobs, nipples, vaginas, vulvas, clitoris, puta, sluts, language, weight, layers of skin, volume, imperfections, empowerment, disobedience, excess, moans, fluids, energy, love, sisters, baggage, pain, loss, strength, courage, womanhood, voices, honesty, transparency, sharing, feelings, hornyness, emotions, foreplay, relationships, broken hearts, tears, blood, bruises, legs, mouths, kisses, lovers, darkness, sensitivity, sensibility, non-binary, sunlight, rain, difficult women, femmes, liars, lies, wetness, marks, scars, curves, lips, touch, contact, hugs, preconceptions, nudity, shame, misunderstandings, fucking technology, dating apps, nasty women, eating disorders, self-harm, self-esteem, mujeres difíciles, expectations, disappointments, survival, safety, pleasure, innocence, guilt, sins, sinners, the female gaze, fears, gold, beauty, perverts, cunts, feminism, FEMINISTA.



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